Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and the 6th largest of the Greek Islands. Its extraordinary natural beauty consists in the diversity of scenery. Rare mountain landscapes of a breathtaking view and unexplored paths, but also invigorating beaches with golden sand or pebbles and crystal-clear water compose this unique picture.
Aenos, the fifth highest mountain in Greece, will amaze you with the rare species of fir tree (Abies cephalonica) in the national park, and if you are fortunate enough you may see Aenos’ wild horses.
Kefalonia is an island full of mystery, ideal for alternative tourism. There are many clubs that can help you discover different paths for hiking or mountain biking, go paragliding, boating or diving, horseback riding and many other sports.
In some fishing villages you can rent boats all day long and wander in numerous beaches that cannot be approached by car.